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Hey there VR Edge'rs. Periodically we like to test some helpful products that are on the market that we think your housekeeping or maintenance staff may find helpful. So many products out there claim to do a certain job to clean, repair, restore....whatever the case may be - but all too often, as you may already know, the results are less than acceptable. Then you've wasted time and money on a fix that didn't happen.  That's where VR Edge comes in - we LOVE to do product testing - so you don't have to.  

This go around we tested two products - see what you think. Do you have use for any of these?

Sheffield's Porcelain Touchup Repair 

Drats!!! I dropped a heavy cast iron skillet on my porcelain kitchen sink and it left a 1 ¼” wide x 2 ¼” long chip. But then instead of anger, I said I can show our readers how wonderful Sheffield porcelain touchup is. It comes in 2 colors: almond and white. My sink was almond. I bought some on Amazon for $7.13 a bottle and used the applicator that is in the cap and voila!!! Good as new. You have to look really close to see that I once had a problem. There are many other porcelain touchups but they usually involve two products, are more difficult and messier to use, and more expensive. Below you will see the before and after - pretty amazing, huh?!



Limvoo Hanging Tape

This product is amazing and we are sharing some of their stock photos and 2 of ours showing that my friends and family wall is all hung with this tape as is all my collection of watercolors.

What the heck is Limvoo? Well, it is a double-sided tape that is not like any other double sided tape you have ever seen. It may have great value in your home but in a vacation rental guests may not know what it is there for.

  • This tape will hold up to 2.2 pounds

  • This tape is reusable. Yep, it easily comes off any smooth wall and does not damage the wall

  • You place items on it, take them off, place them back on-over and over and over

  • The side of the tape that holds items is actually washable with a sponge and mild soap

  • I paid $10.40 for a 3.28 foot roll. I have finished (for now) my uses in my small home and still have half a roll left

  • Like other double-sided tapes, you peel off the side to be stuck to the wall or floor.

  • You can read more details and get project ideas on Amazon or the internet or from the stock photos we have added here


See the picture of my “Friends and Family” wall? It was great using Limvoo to hang them because then I could rearrange things to suit me without nail holes. Just take off the tape and move it. I also have a 12” length on the wall by my desk (I have no drawers) and on it I have a ruler, 2 of my favorite pens, a Scotch tape holder, and a paper clip holder with clips.

I have all the art in my home hung with pieces of Limvoo because I trust it and I do not have to worry about nail holes.


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