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05/22/2018 2:14 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

At VR Edge w regularly test and recommend products (or recommend against if the case may be) we come across that make our job of VR Housekeeping easier and more effective. 

We do believe that all employee inspectors or anyone doing the job of inspection be taught a basic carpet spotting procedure and in our minds the best spotter is Folex. Folex is even effective as a pre-stain treatment in your laundry. Steve Craig said, "On my way to North Carolina on April 25 I made a mess on the drivers seat. When I got to NC a got a wet cloth and worked at it but to no avail. When I got home May 4, I got out my Folex and the stain was removed easily."

If in your amenity package you provide guests a sponge, the best sponge we have seen is a yellow square one, individually wrapped, with a white scrub back that will not scratch stainless steel sinks. You can get a sample or pricing from dwightaligood@libertylinen.com

Almost all housekeepers use Magic Erasers but inquire about the lesser priced generic ones rather than the more expensive brand name ones. Every janitorial supplier will most likely have a generic one. Heck, they even sell them at the Dollar Store if you get in a jam!

Every housekeeping department needs a black light. They can be used for many things but the most important perhaps, is to detect places where pets have spilled their urine so you know what specific areas to treat. Portable ones cost less than $10 each. Here is a link to the one we have BLACK LIGHT.

Read the label “Directions for Use” for your floor cleaner. You don’t want to use one that requires rinsing because no housekeeper rinses. Takes too much time and that could be the cause of sticky or dirty floor complaints if you get those.

If you give your housekeepers or subs cut up linens as rags you might want to consider stopping that practice because one of the biggest abuses of terry is housekeepers cleaning with room linens? Isn’t giving them room linens as rags just an incentive to continue abusing? Microfibers or colored huck towels would be a better solution that would help with your linen abuse.

Plastic cutting boards in your properties are OUT. Stop supplying them. Recent studies have shown that the scratches, nicks, and divots are hiding places for dangerous bacteria like e coli and salmonella. Advise your owners to use glass or bamboo. Yes, they get nicks, but the bacteria die off.

There is so much evidence coming forth that non-stick pots and pans are not good. You can research it yourself on the internet. They contain a chemical called perfluoro-octanoic acid that has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats (poor rats!!). The non-stick can also chip off into the food you eat and be digested. It seems to be best to use stainless steel and quality cooking oils or sprays.

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