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Here are some things our members are discussing as well as some past topics of newsletter articles. We are giving you a feel for what kind of information we have available to members, and we hope that you will find it important to become a member.  In addition to our knowledge library you will have access to our supplier professionals and Board of Directors Q&A, as well as discounted certifications, huge member seminar discounts and a long list of other benefits.
  • 01/16/2019 4:31 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    VR Edge is proud to welcome two dynamic additions to our Board of Directors!

    Kristy Krugh, of Wicked Visible Marketing, has graciously offered to come on board to help with marketing and communications. She is a pro in this area and was recommended by Robert Bennington of Bennington Properties. Kristy has been consulting with Robert on their marketing and giving plan. (See the article later in this newsletter for more details about that.) Kristy and Audrey have already been working together on refining our messaging and seeking out new areas of benefits and communications for current and potential members.

    Our other new Board member is Christi Knoll, of Padre Escapes in Corpus Christi, Texas. Christi comes recommended by Steve Craig and is a strong and dynamic leader with many years experience in running a VRM company and all the responsibilities within. She is a pro on houskeeping and maintenance issues and policies and we are so grateful to have her join us on the Board of Directors.

  • 07/11/2018 3:15 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    Here's is an article from our most recent newsletter. We thought non-members and those just checking out VR Edge to see if it's a good fit for them, might be interested in seeing some examples of great and specific information we give you from some of the most respected professionals in our business today.  Check this out!

    Technician Training Plan

    This is the training plan used by a company on the Outer Banks of NC for a new maintenance tech. If the newly hired tech is a full timer, the four days of training are a Thursday through Sunday for their busiest days are Saturday and Sunday. If a part-timer, training would be over 2 x 2day weekends (Saturday and Sunday).  

    Not mentioned here is that they tech comes to maintenance having already filled out all personnel forms.

    Day One

    ·         Show how to use time clock

    ·         Introduction to all staff

    ·         Make sure has all required personal tools

    ·         Issue bin and company provided supplies and discuss uses of each

    ·         Discuss departmental policies and have them review and sign that they understand all operational procedures

    ·         Watch YouTube training videos

    1.    Toilet repairs

    2.   Drywall repair

    3.   Grill repairs

    4.       Remounting towel bars

    5.       Gas stove troubleshooting

     Give test. Review wrong answers

     YouTube has so many "How To" videos on troubleshooting and repairing just about all common household appliances and other items. It should be a valuable tool for every VRM maintenance department as a source of information and employee training.

    Day Two:

    ·         Review internet/TV issues. Give troubleshooting guide

    ·         How to open and close a workorder in the software system

    ·         Trainer perform workorders with new hire observing

    ·         New hire perform workorders while being coached by trainer

    Day Three:

    ·         Trainer perform workorders with new hire observing

    ·         New hire perform workorders while being coached by trainer

    Day Four:

    ·         Do workorders all day while being coached

  • 07/05/2018 1:03 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    Here are some quotes that certainly seem to apply to what we do. These were published over 10 years ago and they still have meaning today!!

    “Sometimes we learn the hard way."

    That it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Positive thinking is simply a choice each of us makes.” 

    “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is appropriate and expecting more than others think is possible.”

    And the most powerful advice I have ever heard, and that helped me a great deal when I comprehended it fully: “ Our lives are determined, not by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens to us.”

    This was written in early 2003 after attending my daughters graduation from graduate school. I like it then and I like it now!!! I believed it then and my beliefs are even stronger now.

    On Being a Vacation Rental Executive Housekeeper.

    You will never be bored. If you are, you are not doing enough.

    You will have more challenges facing you than anyone could ever imagine.

    You will have the most responsibility of anyone in your company, but too often too little authority.

    Others may too often make decisions that will hamper your effectiveness, especially when dealing with your unit owners.

    If you never hear from an owner or guest, assume they are happy and you have done your job, because they’ll tell you if they are not.

    You will learn, hopefully, that working smart is far better than working hard.

    You have the power to ENABLE your guests to be happy or the power to ruin their carefully planned vacations. This can be a daunting realization to those not up to the challenge.

    You are the hub of the wheel. If the wheel rolls, if your company makes progress, it is because of you more than anyone else. Take pride in that.

    Truly believe that a vacation rental housekeeping department can only be as good as the control that is exhibited over owners. Successful VR housekeeping (and maintenance) is all about control. 

  • 07/05/2018 12:21 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    On-Boarding New Homes in Your VR Program - from a HSK & MX perspective

    Adding homes into your rental program is great (right?)  It means more revenue for the company, more happy guests, more....more work for you.  The only way to keep up with an expanding home rental program is to streamline your processes.  We LOVE lists! Creating a spreadsheet (Excel file) of all the standard to-do's you and your department will need to perform once a home has been announced as entering the program will help keep everyone on task and quickly complete the process.  Robert Bennington, Board Member of VR Edge and Owner of Bennington Properties in Sunriver, Oregon, has graciously shared his entire on-boarding spreadhseet with us so we can supply it to you.  The entire 5 page worksheet can be downloaded HERE (available to VR Edge members only).

  • 06/14/2018 11:36 AM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    American Associated, a proud member of VR Edge has graciously offered a discount to other VR Edge members. 

    American Associated is offering the Baker's Dozen.   $10 back on every $100 you spend on the first order.  This applies to merchandise only.  Deduction when the bill is paid.

    For other member discount offers go to the members only page and take a look! HERE

  • 05/22/2018 2:14 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    At VR Edge w regularly test and recommend products (or recommend against if the case may be) we come across that make our job of VR Housekeeping easier and more effective. 

    We do believe that all employee inspectors or anyone doing the job of inspection be taught a basic carpet spotting procedure and in our minds the best spotter is Folex. Folex is even effective as a pre-stain treatment in your laundry. Steve Craig said, "On my way to North Carolina on April 25 I made a mess on the drivers seat. When I got to NC a got a wet cloth and worked at it but to no avail. When I got home May 4, I got out my Folex and the stain was removed easily."

    If in your amenity package you provide guests a sponge, the best sponge we have seen is a yellow square one, individually wrapped, with a white scrub back that will not scratch stainless steel sinks. You can get a sample or pricing from dwightaligood@libertylinen.com

    Almost all housekeepers use Magic Erasers but inquire about the lesser priced generic ones rather than the more expensive brand name ones. Every janitorial supplier will most likely have a generic one. Heck, they even sell them at the Dollar Store if you get in a jam!

    Every housekeeping department needs a black light. They can be used for many things but the most important perhaps, is to detect places where pets have spilled their urine so you know what specific areas to treat. Portable ones cost less than $10 each. Here is a link to the one we have BLACK LIGHT.

    Read the label “Directions for Use” for your floor cleaner. You don’t want to use one that requires rinsing because no housekeeper rinses. Takes too much time and that could be the cause of sticky or dirty floor complaints if you get those.

    If you give your housekeepers or subs cut up linens as rags you might want to consider stopping that practice because one of the biggest abuses of terry is housekeepers cleaning with room linens? Isn’t giving them room linens as rags just an incentive to continue abusing? Microfibers or colored huck towels would be a better solution that would help with your linen abuse.

    Plastic cutting boards in your properties are OUT. Stop supplying them. Recent studies have shown that the scratches, nicks, and divots are hiding places for dangerous bacteria like e coli and salmonella. Advise your owners to use glass or bamboo. Yes, they get nicks, but the bacteria die off.

    There is so much evidence coming forth that non-stick pots and pans are not good. You can research it yourself on the internet. They contain a chemical called perfluoro-octanoic acid that has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats (poor rats!!). The non-stick can also chip off into the food you eat and be digested. It seems to be best to use stainless steel and quality cooking oils or sprays.

  • 05/22/2018 2:12 PM | Audrey Webster (Administrator)

    Building A Trusting Relationship With Your Janitorial & Paper Products Supplier

    By: Mike Saulters, Liberty Linen & Janitorial Products

    When choosing a supplier for your janitorial & paper products (or for any products you may need for your business), your decision should not be based on price alone. If price is the only consideration, you will likely get what you pay for, which will be less than adequate service. Whether or not the supplier carries or can get the products you need is the first consideration. Once you establish that, then you can negotiate the best prices.

    In determining your needs, it is crucial that your supplier understands what you expect from the products you purchase and from the supplier you choose. Even though you may think you know what is best for your business, you should also listen to what your supplier has to say about other products he or she may recommend. If the supplier is familiar with the trends in your industry (and he should be), he may have some better solutions. A good supplier will listen to your issues & problems as they arise and help you find the right products to resolve those issues.

    Once you establish a list of the products you need for your business and you agree on the prices for those products, the next step is to let your supplier know approximate quantities you are likely to purchase and how often you are likely to need them. Projecting your needs is helpful, but because it is rarely an exact science in the vacation rental housekeeping industry, it is good to know you have a supplier who has your back. Over time, a good supplier should be able to anticipate your needs almost as well as you do. Having a representative who calls on you frequently to monitor your inventory is a benefit, but having one who understands when your maximum demands for products are likely to happen and one who prepares in advance for those needs is even better.

    Having a dependable supplier that you can trust to take care of your needs is imperative to running your business so establishing a good relationship with that supplier is paramount. Technology has facilitated companies getting what they perceive to be good service and good pricing on the products they need, but there is no substitute for human beings who really care about you and your needs and who will be there when you need them. If you are totally dependent on ordering your products on line without seeing a representative from your supplier on a regular basis, you may not be getting the best value from your supplier.

    Although you may not have a special need very often, if you have developed a good relationship with your local supplier, when you do have a special need that doesn’t fit the schedule of most on line sellers, you are far more likely to have your need met in a timely manner, regardless of the day or time. With the communication tools that are available to us, if you have developed a good trusting relationship with your supplier, you might find that a good supplier is available to you 24/7/365. If you don’t feel that you have that kind of trusting relationship with your supplier, you might want to reevaluate your supplier’s willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill your needs.

  • 04/09/2018 12:41 PM | Steve Craig (Administrator)

    Hi!! My name is Steve Craig with Pro Resort Housekeeping and I want to invite you to become a new member of VR Edge!!! 

    My colleagues and I that have started VR Edge are excited to be offering so much exciting new "stuff" about housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry linens. We are committed to providing you with a constant barrage of valuable information. Not just from newsletters and seminars, but our almost daily blog, our voluminous library with almost 800 articles eventually posted, and we are especially excited about our new certification categories. (We are offering 4 specialty areas!)

    To provide the best, latest, and most valuable information we are soon to announce collaboration with other associations such as Almnet.org and all the training programs they have available for those involved with laundry/linens. We are even close to partnering to use maintenance training videos and classes. 

    And our dedicated Director, Audrey Webster, brings a wealth of marketing and association management experience that will benefit all our members.  She's is on board to assist you with website issues and other things pertinent to you being able to access all the information we provide without incident.

    To gain full access to all that I have mentioned above, you have to join VR Edge. But we know you will find it well worth the cost of dues, so much so, that we are offering our first year members ships for just $250, and also have a $50 discount code available for the next couple months only (ends May 22nd, 2018!) so you can obtain full membership benefits for as little as $200. This also allows you to add as many employee memberships to your "bundle" as you like. Being able to give your entire staff access to the valuable information on VR Edge is a must and we know that!  We have also even created a lower cost membership for cleaning subcontractors for just $100/annually. Sorry we can't discount that membership level (because it's already so low) but we want to encourage you cleaners and subcontractors to become members of VR Edge. We have so much material to offer you that will help you in your daily job duties and we discuss topics of subcontractor compensation all the time, so VR Edge is a valuable place for you to be seen and heard on these issues in our industry.

    I do hope you will consider joining VR Edge today! And remember if by May 22nd you can use the discount code (FIRST50) and get another $50 off. 

    It is my wish that MyVREdge.org truly becomes YOUR ultimate resource for answers and sharing issues in our interesting and ever-challenging industry.


    Steve Craig

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